Goose Calls

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Honker Hammer XL Acrylic Goose Call

Our go-to call for pulling in big Canada geese. The Honker Hammer has recently been redesigned for even more reliable performance and responsiveness in the field.


Grey Ghost Acrylic Goose Call

The short barrel and insert design of the Grey Ghost offers lightning-fast control for more advanced callers. This call has a higher pitch than the Honker Hammer XL.


Honker Hammer Acrylic/Polycarbonate Goose Call

We matched the acrylic Honker Hammer barrel with a polycarbonate insert to create an economical option without cutting corners on quality.


Grey Ghost Acrylic/Polycarbonate Goose Call

This version of the Grey Ghost features an acrylic barrel with a polycarbonate insert to create an affordable option without sacrificing on performance.


Honker Hammer Diamondwood/Polycarbonate Goose Call

This call combines the classic look and feel of a wood call with our performance Honker Hammer Canada goose call design.


Grey Ghost Diamondwood/Polycarbonate Goose Call

For hunters that prefer the timeless good looks of a wood call without sacrificing consistency or volume.


Canada Hammer Polycarbonate Goose Call

Individually built with a shaved reed and our Quick-Tune guts system, no other goose call in this price range can compete with the Canada Hammer.


Gander Hammer Polycarbonate Goose Call

The Gander Hammer is possibly the easiest-blowing Canada goose call available, making it a great option for beginners as well as seasoned hunters. It offers plenty of low-end control as well as loud volume calling when needed.


Little Hutchie Cackler Goose Call

Specifically designed and tuned for the Cackler and Aleutian sub-species of Canada geese.


Lesser Canada Goose Call

Tuned for the higher-pitch tones of Lesser Canada geese.


Speck Hammer - Specklebelly Goose Call

Features an all-new guts system for better control and sound quality.


Calling Coach - Canada Goose Calling

Improve your goose calling skills anywhere with this handheld training aid.


Speck Ops Specklebelly Goose Call

Lightning-fast and easy to blow, the acrylic Speck Ops call features a short barrel and hand-tuned with new guts for 2017.