Quality is Our Calling

Quality is our Calling

What does it mean for Buck Gardner Calls?


We believe that hunting is more rewarding when we effectively communicate with our quarry. Seeing birds react to your calling and respond the way you want them to is an awesome feeling. Building confidence in your calling ability, learning how to read the body language of waterfowl, knowing when to call and when not to – it all adds up to more enjoyable and ethical hunts.


Great hunts create great memories. From picking up your dad’s ducks as a kid, to hunting on your own with your buddies, and introducing your own children to hunting, time spent outdoors is always a high-reward investment. We’re thankful for hunters that trust our products during their precious time outdoors and will never take that for granted.


Buck Gardner pioneered numerous innovations and production standards to instill the highest quality in every call, including Spit-Tech™ toneboard design for calls that blow wet, laser polished molds, and Quick-Tune™ guts that are easy to maintain and tune. Add in the fact that every single call is hand-tuned by experienced waterfowl hunters, backed by free Lifetime Tuning Services, and a Lifetime Warranty and you’ve got quality that far exceeds the price.